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Koenig|Dunne Divorce Law

O Christmas Tree

We set off on what I declared to be a great family adventure.  We were going to romantically tromp through a tree farm and cut down our own magical Christmas tree.  And we did… sort of.  In reality, the trees were pre-cut and Anna sighed at the lack of snow on the ground.  We tried our best to ignore the frosty wind making our faces and fingers hurt while we searched for the perfect tree.  But boy did we find it. When we got home and the tree barely fit through our front door, I realized all too soon that
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Inside Out

My girls thought it a stroke of genius when deciding that we should create costumes to portray that cast of Disney’s “Inside Out” for Halloween.  My dad and I are always up for a good costume and readily agreed to be part of the plot.  We stayed in character for the better part of two hours.  I played the part of “Sadness,” which is contrary to my general disposition, but given that I was better suited to “stuff my sweater” for the round character, I did my part. I snuffed out the light in my eye and ultimately channeled my
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Empowering Pals

As the fifth of eight children growing up with an alcoholic father and a mother struggling to make ends meet, I concluded early in life that taking care of myself was mostly up to me. Thirty years later and in an unhealthy marriage I still clung to that childhood belief. As my marriage continued in a desperate decline, I remained cautious with confidants. Countless kind friends were willing to give a listening ear or a bit of advice, but the combination of my fear of being found out and my shame for being in a bad marriage kept me acting
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Moment by Moment

Mary insisted I wait to enter her room until she put on her lipstick. Her arms were the diameter of the steel pole on which the IV hung. Her goal on the white board: “To get fat.” Her doctor insisted she be hospitalized after her weight dropped to a dangerously low level. She drove herself there. It was clear she considered it all quite an inconvenience. Mary fretted about getting her tax return in the mail. She worried about missing her part-time job because, “They’ll look for any excuse to get rid of you at my age.” Mary lives alone
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Wedding Wishes

This week our firm celebrated a wedding – we witnessed a beautiful joining of two incredible people when our legal assistant, Christi, married her Aaron.  Christi was quite simply radiant on Friday evening when she pledged her love, devotion, and commitment to Aaron.  To be honest, Christi has worked alongside me for 4 years and I have never seen her so happy, relaxed and bliss-filled. It occurred to me that Christi found hope and love, despite spending 40 hours of her week working for clients experiencing the collapse of those ideals.  That despite staring in the face of divorce and
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After thousands of initial divorce consultations with men and women contemplating whether or not to move forward with a divorce, I find myself frequently questioning normal.  People often reveal to me the intimate details of their married lives.  They reveal how she lives upstairs, he lives downstairs.  They reveal how they no longer talk to their spouses – at all.  They reveal how they have been unhappy for years and years before making it to the chair across my desk.  And I think “When did that become normal?” My parents just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary and for the last
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