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Month: July 2018

July 2018

Important Post-Divorce Actions

To ensure a smooth transition into your post-divorce new normal, your Koenig│Dunne team has identified the following important actions for you to take: Informational filing.  If support (child support and/or alimony) has been ordered in your case, Nebraska law requires you to provide the clerk of the court with your address, telephone number, social security number, employer, and certain information related to employer-provided health insurance. If any of this information changes after your divorce is final, you must provide the updated information to the clerk in your county. Property actions. If you and your former spouse owned a home and
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Game Show Enthusiast

“You’d be perfect,” he said. “It’s a panel. I have two men and I need a businesswoman. Plus you’d get some publicity. Are you free Tuesday?” “Sure!”  I say enthusiastically. My ego had just agreed to be a contestant in the inaugural taping of a TV game show before a live audience. While I have images of the Price is Right on the black and white television of my childhood, I have never been a big fan of TV game shows. Not Jeopardy. Not Wheel of Fortune. I don’t even know what they fight about on Family Feud. It’s not
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Courage and a Conversation

A wave of nausea hit my stomach every time I thought about it.  There was a conversation about our financial obligations for our kids that I needed to have with my former spouse that I did not want to have.  I dreaded it.  I delayed it.  I downright ignored it. Our co-parenting relationship has been consistently strong.  We are able to attend parent-teacher conferences together as parents.  Recently, we sat at one table together at our daughter’s 8th grade graduation reception with our respective families and it was pleasant.  I can send him messages with the eyeroll emoji attached when
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The Discovery Process

After the initial documents of a divorce have been filed, the “discovery” phase begins. Discovery refers to the legal process of exchanging information and documents between spouses that are needed to either come to a settlement agreement or prepare for trial. This process often requires spouses to gather a number of financial documents and to answer questions relevant to their divorce. Here is an overview of the discovery process: Sending Discovery Requests In order to legally require your spouse to provide you with information or documents, you must send formal discovery requests. These typically come in two different varieties. The
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Vacation is a treasured luxury. The sights of the scenery, the tastes of the food, and the step back in time are awe-inspiring. I pack lightly. Sturdy walking shoes. A wrap for chilly evenings. A simple black dress for dinner that rolls up but doesn’t wrinkle. Ready for the wonder that awaits. Our first day we had a car. We meandered along rolling hills covered in morning light. Though midsummer, many of the fields were already turning golden. The lush blankets of color reached to the horizon where they met the sky that went from cloudy to perfect blue as
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#TBT Courtroom Care

I could feel it before I could see it.  I knew immediately that something was off.  I walked down the courthouse corridor, unaware at first that I was walking directly down the battle line.  I spotted my client and his family nervously waiting for me.  I did not recognize, because they were strangers to me, that his wife and her relatives sat on the bench opposite.  As soon as I stopped and stood before my client and his family I could see them all avoiding any direct glances over my shoulder.  The “other side” was behind me.  The tension bore
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Who Gets to Live in the House During the Divorce?

One of the first “unknowns” you may encounter when you begin the divorce process is who will get to stay in the marital residence while the divorce is pending. Regardless of whether your marital residence is an apartment or house, whether you’re renting or you own the property, the court can order one spouse to vacate the residence and award possession to the other. A spouse who is seeking to remain in the home (or, a spouse who is looking to remove his or her spouse from the home) may file a motion for exclusive possession of the marital residence.
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Mistake Magnet

Have you ever watched yourself become a mistake magnet? I have. First I type “rick” instead of “nick” in an email about an important business meeting. Then, instead of arriving ten minutes early to a roomful of professionals awaiting me, I arrive ten minutes late. Because three is a charm, I soon realize that I failed to inform a key person about the meeting. I make one mistake and I feel embarrassed by my kerfuffle. I make two mistakes and I feel both worried about what the other person thinks and guilty for being a source of suffering. I make
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Positive Parenting

“It was SO much fun!!” they cried in a collective chorus as they greeted me.  My daughters had just returned to my house after 12 days away with their dad, stepmom, and his extended family.  I unabashedly let the tears fall down my face as I pulled them in for a tight three-way hug. Knowing my chatty girls, I had prepared for uninterrupted time for them to tell me their tales.  I knew if I wanted to get the details of the trip, I had to strike while they were hot and before they got to their friends on their
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The First 5 Legal Documents of a Divorce Explained

The flood of legal documents filed at the beginning of a divorce can seem both overwhelming and incomprehensible. These legal documents are often written in thick “legalese,” and their purposes are not always discernable without context. Here are simple explanations of the five legal documents commonly filed at the beginning of a divorce: The Complaint The first legal document filed in a divorce is the “complaint.” The person who files this document is referred to as the “Plaintiff,” while the non-filing spouse is referred to as the “Defendant.” These labels are not significant in terms of legal advantages. The purpose
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