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Tips for Co-Parenting Successfully with a Narcissist

Being married —  then divorced — from a narcissist is bad enough, but when you must co-parent with one, the difficult becomes the almost impossible.  Your co-parent narcissist thrives on dysfunction, which makes for a miserable co-existence.  However, if you are aware of their tactics, you’ll be in a better position to deal with them.  Here are some tips for identifying those tactics and how to cope: Expect spiteful behavior and learn to ignore it.  The narcissist thrives on getting an emotional reaction, and is often able to get one by making nasty comments to prompt your response.  Learn to
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Custody of Children When a Divorce is Pending

Nebraska family courts follow guidelines that keep the best interests of the child at the center of legal decisions, and the courts typically believe that children do best when both parents are involved in their lives. Custody does not usually become an issue until one spouse moves out or seeks an order for parenting time prior to moving out.  Following a separation, the court can grant temporary custody and parenting time orders that will be in place until a divorce is final. If one parent is being unreasonable and denying the other parent sufficient time with their children, a judge
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Protecting Your Parenting Time During a Separation or Divorce

If you have separated from your spouse or partner and there are children involved, you are no doubt concerned about protecting your parenting time during your separation, whether or not it leads to divorce. Here are some guidelines to ensure you have equal access to your children (unless there are mitigating factors like domestic abuse or other crimes): Talk with a family law attorney. To enforce your rights, you have to first know what those rights are. If the child was conceived out of wedlock, you must establish paternity. If your child was born or adopted within a marriage, your
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How to Successfully Co-Parent with a High-Conflict Ex

If you endured a high-conflict marriage and a high-conflict divorce, chances are you will be facing many of the same challenges when it comes to co-parenting with your ex. Here are some tips on how to successfully co-parent with a high-conflict ex: Control your reactions. Ongoing conflict between two people is pretty much a product of habit. To keep peace in your co-parented family, you need to break this habit. First, realize you only have control over you, so work on your communication skills by remembering to take the high road, no matter how nasty your ex may get on
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The Truth

She is tough as nails.  Oftentimes she is in my office wearing a leather jacket and when talking her deep voice reveals a sharp wit and quick intellect.  She has short stylish spiked hair.  I assume that she intimidates a large percentage of people who cross her path.  As I prepared her for what her trial experience may be, I wondered how she may come across in court – this tough as nails mom. I was positive that even if I had suggested her wearing an appliqué sweatshirt with puffy kittens on it to soften her appearance, she would not
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Disneyland Dad

I have a confession… I have a Disneyland Dad. I have a dad who is not called Grandpa by my girls, but Funpa. I have a dad who takes my girls bowling and to Funplex and makes adventure out of everything. I have a dad who introduced my girls to mochas and minions. In every way he fits the definition of a Disneyland Dad. The term Disneyland Dad dates back to an era when parents without custody and without much parenting time spent it entirely in fun and games with their children, while the custodial parent was left with the
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Halloween Hints

When your 8 year old wants to sleep in her Elsa costume from endless exuberance for Halloween, it’s no wonder parents attach so much meaning to this happy holiday. For many it lands right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the favorite scale. Halloween is a multibillion dollar industry as goblins fill our lawn, we transform into mythical characters, and delight in a treasure trove of sugar treats. For me, Halloween also holds childhood memories for me. Being one who likes to play dress up, I remember wrapping myself in sheets to become a Greek goddess and carrying my
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