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Mother’s Day

Bad Mom

(This photo was taken a week before my divorce was final) I was crying so hard that the hair above my ears was soon soaked as I lay on the table.  In what felt like a desperate act, the month before my divorce was final, I went to see an intuitive, Sue, to help me on the path toward healing.  Truthfully, I think I just wanted someone to tell me that finalizing my divorce was the right thing to do.  I thought she would look inside my soul and read the crystal ball and tell me that I was making
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Mariachi Mother’s Day

I had a 3 o’clock appointment for a massage from Fernando. I separated from my six travel companions who were more willing than me on this Mother’s Day morning to haggle with the street vendors hawking brightly colored scarves and silver necklaces. I walked quickly to an uncertain destination with my eyes straight ahead under my big black sunhat. In the distance I could see the ocean. I quickened my pace until I arrived at the plaza that opened onto the beach. A line had gathered outside a small white chapel whose entrance was covered in white flowers drooping in
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Mom: A Tribute

I was 14 when I first felt my heart break. My one true love, Tommy, decided to move on as we left junior high for the greener pastures of high school. My stomach turned as I felt the upset of change, insecurity, and teenage despair wash over me. At a time when my mom regularly embarrassed me, she was who I turned to for comfort. She held my head in her lap as she stroked my hair and I sobbed.  My mom, during any time of uncertainty, would count down the hours for me. On the eve of the first
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Permitting Parents

The quiet rain was soothing. I rolled over, pulled the covers up to my chin, and felt entitled to indulge myself on this Mother’s Day morning. When my phone announced a message, I sat up in happy anticipation and reached for my glasses. Hi Ben, just a gentle reminder that today is Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great day remembering and thinking about your mom…Love, Dad My celebration of Mother’s Day this year was rich. Over the course of a few days it included flowers, sweet expressions of appreciation, a Mediterranean dinner, time with an elderly mother who
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Mindfulness in Motherhood, A Message for Moms

My daughter Sophia tugs the ears of people she loves.  It started when she was a baby, as I nursed her she would reach up and pull at my ear.  As she got older, she would suck her thumb and tug at her own ear or the ear of any loved one nearby.  Her practice of ear tugging and tugging at our hearts with this gesture continues even today. I recall with clarity the first time I saw Sophia tugging her now stepmom’s ear.  I was coaching Anna’s soccer team and from across the field, I saw Sophia crawl onto
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I knew since I was a young child, that I would be a mom.  Having my daughters is my greatest life intention fulfilled.  I delight in motherhood.  I love finding their random socks in my drawers, braiding their hair into pigtails and reading them stories in my best English accent.  And I, like every single parent I represented over the years, was devastated by thought of how divorce would impact their sweet smiling faces.  Parents universally feel the sting – but the focus of this blog will be on mothers in tribute to Mother’s Day this weekend. For some mothers,
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