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New Year

New Beginnings

I love new beginnings.  I delight in shaking the Etch-A-Sketch clear and starting over.  I appreciate every month flipping the calendar to a fresh start.  I enjoy crawling into bed when freshly laundered sheets await.  I particularly enjoy the start of a new year when I spend days preparing pages of goals for the upcoming year.  Well, a divorce can change that. During a divorce, every single layer of life is changed.  And I mean – every. single. one.  New beginnings are everywhere.  Although in the middle of life-altering upheaval, they don’t feel like new beginnings – the just feel
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New Year Anew

Photo by: Larry Ferguson The first text arrived at 3:16 on Saturday afternoon. “Explosion at M’s today. It’s on fire.” Despite my usual disdain for 24 hour news, I obsessively checked all available sources around the clock for details in every update on the destruction.             All the building glass blown out.             Flames shooting from top of building.             Entire roof engulfed in flames.             Smoke and debris filling the air.             All the people running.             60 firefighters.             Fourteen homes.             A timeless treasure.             A total loss             A tragedy. Despite the news, miraculously no one
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New Year, New You, Not Really

Two weeks before the new year:  Everything is dusty.  Everything.  Even my paperclips.  There is a constant clamoring of hammers, drills, and ladders scraping across the floors in the office.  My office belongings are packed up in boxes all around me.  My email has been disastrously down for an entire week right before Christmas when I fear my clients may need me most.  My team is on edge with the transition looming over us and wearing us thin.  Everything feels off.  I am a clockwork kinda person.  For every season, holiday, birthday, whatever day you can count on me to
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New Year View

I felt silly thinking twice about what to wear to dinner at the home of my former husband. It has been over thirty years since the holiday season when Benjamin was our newborn baby. This year, Ben was on break from grad school at NYU and throwing a dinner party at his father’s. I was on the guest list. I love to dress up for parties of any sort, but for this soiree I opted for my comfortable gray sweater, the sparkling jeweled necklace from my stepdaughter, and my newest red lipstick.  Ben  asked me to bring  extra forks. I
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New Year, New Do

If you woke up this morning bursting with enthusiasm about the year ahead and joyously recounting last night’s midnight champagne toast, congratulations. If you woke up this morning alone in your bed with the remote your only companion and potato chip crumbs pressed between your face and the pillow, congratulations. You see how you do or do not want your new year to look. When we notice how we are living our lives, we have the chance to create more of what we have that makes it joyful and meaningful.  We also have the chance to choose a course correction
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Starting Small

I once denied that I was ambitious. It sounded so mean. Like I would do anything to get what I wanted. Truth be told, I am ambitious. I love accomplishment. While some groan when the new year talk turns to goals, I light up. Give me a great idea and I’ll turn it into a goal before you can say “It was just an idea.”  Goals ensure I focus on what matters to me.  Building a law firm, writing books, biking across Iowa. As a coach I am thrilled to help people reach goals. Goals have always inspired me. But
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