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4 Ways Children Suffer in a Bad Marriage

Today, divorce is commonplace, but there was a time several decades ago when divorce was considered socially taboo and couples were encouraged to always stay together “for the sake of the children.” Now we know that whether or not divorce is harmful to children depends largely on how it is handled by their parents.  We also know that toxic marriages can cause more harm than good to children.  There are several ways that children suffer when their parents have a bad marriage; here are four of the most common: 1.  Chronic anxiety. Conflicts in a marriage are internalized by children,
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The 5 Facebook Rules You Need to Protect Your Marriage

Social media has done wonders to connect people all over the world, but there is one type of connection it has become infamous for: infidelity.  Studies have shown that a spouse’s overuse of Facebook contributes to marriage instability and dissatisfaction.  That usage can also encourage behavior that is destructive to intimate relationships: flirting, making emotional connections with others, even sexual affairs. To help protect your marriage, here are 5 Facebook rules you need to implement: Don’t accept friend requests from anyone of the opposite sex that you know is attracted to you or your spouse. Don’t “friend” former girlfriends or
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Let’s Talk About Sex

My first sex talk was not with my mother. It was with a priest. I arrived at the century old rectory with my anxiety and spiritual struggle in hand. Despite my years of Catholic education, confession, and communion, I had difficulty with the notion that sex outside of marriage was a sin. I simply couldn’t see the harm. The fact that I was far too young to be having sex with anyone didn’t stop me from wanting to lose my virginity to Duane. I explained. Father listened attentively, without judgment. Talking about sex is scary. No doubt that is why
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Marital Bliss

Susan and Angela are pleased to welcome back Guest Blogger Angela Lennon having just returned from her wedding and honeymoon to share her learnings on people’s capacity for compassion and celebration of others September 13, 2014, as the cliché goes, was the best day of my life.  My wedding day.  Last month, one hundred fifty of our closest friends and family, (including my firm family at Koenig│Dunne) gathered in Omaha to celebrate our nuptials. However, in the days and weeks leading up to our wedding, at work, I felt apprehensive and awkward.  I wanted to reach out to my clients
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Uncharted Waters

On eve of the first day of a Texas summer, family members gathered in the late afternoon shade of the oak tree where the groom stood waiting. The petite bride in her vintage dress walked slowly toward him. At the first sight of her, there was no holding back his tears. Their faith in their future was evident. As June brides beam during this month of weddings, faith shines as vows are made without hesitation. Despite all of the uncertainty before them, couples courageously set forth into the uncharted waters of marriage. When we marry, we cannot know the myriad
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Appraising Opinions

Our beliefs about marriage are influenced from our earliest days. Growing up in the 1950s, my bride doll was a treasured symbol of the expected aspiration that I get married. I was barely 6 years old when I watched my big sister walk down the aisle of St. Francis Cabrini Church wearing a white dress, carrying a bouquet of red roses. I was still a teen when a romantic boy presented me with a “promise” ring with its tiny diamond, the symbol of pre-engagement. Images, experiences, opinions. Our culture defines our most closely held beliefs about who we can and
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